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The Platform works towards guaranteeing social rights in our society by regulatory and budgetary recognition.

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In the last few years the Platform has collaborated in the achievement of significant changes in the processing of the Spanish Legislation on Personal Autonomy and attention to people in a dependency situation.

In particular, it is worth mentioning the contributions of the Dependency Commission, created within the Platform, for the new legislation to include the definition of the Third Sector by consensus in the Strategic Plan of the Third/Social Sector.

It is equally relevant to mention that the regulation includes, in its final summary, recognition of the essential role that social entities have played in attending to people in dependency situations and also being in charge of:

  • Providing services and promoting personal autonomy which extends to the Third Sector as well as considering private initiative.
  • Training and qualification of professionals and caretakers.

The impact of the Platform and other social agents during the parliamentary procedure, contributed to the legal recognition of basic criteria such as equal opportunities, no discrimination and universal access in any of the fields wherever applicable.

Another example of the work carried out by the Platform in this area is the 4th Inclusion Plan. Thanks to the Working Group on Social Inclusion, Employment and Rural Development of the National Commission, a follow up to the Spanish Action Plan for Social Inclusion 2005-2006 was carried out, and the elaboration of the 4th Inclusion Plan of the Kingdom of Spain (2006-2008) was emphasised. This involves an advance as regards the previous ones for two reasons:

  • It prioritises objectives with full measures and it raises questions of cover by the Social Security as regards active income.
  • It emphasises the relevance of the organisations within the growing sector, making social dialogue effective.


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