Its objective: to motivate the implantation of Quality systems in the organisations of the Third Sector. In order to do so, the following is taken into consideration:


  • Basic courses: Approximately 300 organisations have taken part in these courses organised every year in various autonomous regions.
  • Training for instructors: Approximately twenty technicians have drawn up training courses for instructors. There is a wide range of professionals within the sector and collaborators who regularly participate in the Platform.
  • Training on line: After organising a pilot course for 20 professionals, the experience shall broaden for new participants shortly.


Technical assistance shall be provided for social entities that request it before the implementation of quality processes.


The Platform also organises events, such as the 1st Congress on Quality, the Third Sector and Social Politics. Conclusions of such events are being used as a draft for the second Third Sector Quality Plan of Social Action.

Quality Commitment Declaration in the Third/Social Sector

We make use of politics to promote a joint performance of Social Action organisations interested in the incorporation of the culture quality to the Third Sector. Within this context we see the Quality Commitment Declaration in the Third/Social Sector, promoted by the Platform and 68 entities have already subscribed to it.

Quality Commitment Declaration


The Platform publishes basic management manuals for quality systems. It also publishes the content of various events such as presentation and round table discussions programmed at the 1st Congress on Quality, the Third Sector and Social Politics.

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Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad

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