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Third Sector Platform

NGO Platform of Social Action is one of the seven Third Sector Platform founder entities. It was constitued in December 2011. Its work consists in social defence and equality promotion. The Third Sector Platform represents 29.000 private non-profit entities in Spain, where 500.000 people work and there are 900.000 volunteers, who serve more tan 5.000.000 vulnerable people.


Spanish NGO Council of Social Economy

The Platform ensured the creation of this advisory body for social politics, assigned to the General Administration of the Nation, through the Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs. It currently forms part of all work groups of the Council where it plays an energising role: Gender and Equality, Social Inclusion and Employment, Legislation and Financing and Volunteering. It also coordinates the working group of the Strategic Plan of the Third Sector, where its three Committees, Committee for the Operative Development of the Plan, Quality and Communication, participate.

Institute for the Quality in NGO

NGO Platform of Social Action is a member entity of the Institute for the Quality in NGO –ICONG-, whose mission is to promote culture of Quality among the Third Sector of Social Action organizations, as well as the incorporation of Quality management systems to improve people’s lifes.


Alliance against Poverty

The Platform takes part in all the events programmed by the Alliance against Poverty that draws together more than a thousand National entities with the objective to make a joint appeal to citizens to mobilize and apply pressure until particular measures to fight world poverty are achieved.


NGO Coordinator for Development

The Platform places its trust in networking to promote the political impact by signed agreements in relation to particular issues, withe the Coordinadora de ONG para el Desarrlollo (CONGDE).


Social Inclusion Network

NGO Platform of Social Action is part of this network since 2010. It is a swap space for dialogue, finanzed and promoted by the European Social Fund, whose objective is cooperation among Administrations by creating networks and forums with the final purpose of improving social inclusion.


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Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad

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